In anticipation of the UK leaving the EU (“Brexit”), the Gallagher group intends to transfer certain EEA business currently conducted through its UK regulated entities to Nordic. The exact date on which the EEA business will transfer to Nordic is still uncertain owing to the UK political process, but we naturally aim to coincide our plans with any stated departure date. Should there be any further delay to Brexit or an interim transitional period agreed by the UK and EU, this date may change. Post-Brexit, Nordic will continue to use the Trading Names set out on the right hand side.


Contact details


Nordic Försäkring & Riskhantering AB is authorised and regulated in Sweden by the Finansinspektionen, incorporated in Sweden under company number 556418-5014 with registered address at Mölndalsvägen 22, 412 63 Göteborg, Sweden.


Trading Names of Nordic Email for general enquires Switchboard
Retail Gallagher +46 844 686 478
Coleman Marine
Specialty Gallagher +46 844 686 479
Alesco Europe
Alesco DA
Blackwall Green Europe
Risk Management Partners Europe
Aerospace Gallagher +46 844 686 477
Hayward Aviation
MGA/Underwriting Pen Underwriting
Ptarmigan Underwriting +46 844 686 480
Reinsurance Capsicum Re +46 844 686 481


UK Branch office address
The Walbrook Building,
25 Walbrook,